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House Electrical Rewiring Services in Singapore

House electrical rewiring is a crucial service offered by Handyman Singapore, aimed at enhancing the safety and efficiency of modern homes. This process involves replacing old, outdated wiring with new, up-to-date electrical systems to prevent potential hazards and ensure that your home’s power supply can meet current demands. 

Handyman Singapore specialises in providing comprehensive rewiring services, ensuring that every aspect of your home’s electrical system is up to code, reliable, and capable of supporting the latest technology and appliances. 

Opting for professional electrical rewiring not only safeguards your property but also optimises energy efficiency, contributing to a safer, more functional living environment.

Signs You Need Electrical Rewiring

Installing an exhaust fan offers numerous benefits, ensuring your indoor spaces remain healthy, comfortable, and conducive to living. Here’s why having one is essential:

Flickering Lights

Flickering or dimming lights can signal an unstable electrical flow within your home, often attributed to outdated or deteriorating wiring that struggles to maintain a consistent power supply.

Frequent Power Surges

Experiencing regular power surges indicates that your electrical system may be overwhelmed and unable to handle the demand, putting your appliances at risk of damage.

Overheating Outlets or Switches

If outlets or switches feel warm or hot to the touch, it's a critical warning of potential electrical danger, necessitating an inspection and possible rewiring.

Burning Smell

A continuous burning odour emanating from outlets or switch areas is a red flag for immediate danger, typically caused by faulty or overheated wiring.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers that trip often suggest your home's electrical demand exceeds what the system can safely supply, pointing towards the need for an upgrade.

Outdated Wiring

Homes with electrical systems over 25 years old are likely not equipped to support the energy demands of modern appliances and should be evaluated for rewiring.

Lack of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

The absence of GFCIs in moisture-prone areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, increases the risk of electrical shock, highlighting the need for modern safety features.

Two-Prong Ungrounded Outlets

Older two-prong outlets indicate an outdated electrical system that lacks the grounding necessary for modern three-pronged appliances and devices.

Visible Wire Damage

Any visible signs of wire damage, including fraying, exposure, or chewing, present immediate fire hazards and require urgent attention.

Aluminium Wiring

Properties with aluminium wiring face a higher risk of fire compared to those with copper wiring, warranting a professional evaluation and possible rewiring.

Identifying these signs early and consulting with Handyman Singapore for electrical rewiring can enhance your home’s safety and functionality.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrical Rewiring Needs?

Choosing Handyman Singapore for your electrical rewiring needs ensures a top-notch, reliable service. Here’s why:

Licensed Professionals

Handyman Singapore’s team comprises fully licensed electricians, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to every rewiring project. They’re not just skilled; they’re certified, ensuring that every job is up to the highest professional standards. This level of expertise guarantees that your electrical system will be safe, functional, and efficient.

Safety First

Prioritizing safety, Handyman Singapore strictly follows all local electrical codes and safety standards. This rigorous adherence minimises risks during and after the rewiring process, protecting your home and family. It’s about more than just compliance; it’s about creating a secure environment where you can live without worry.

Tailored Solutions

Recognizing that no two homes are alike, Handyman Singapore offers customised rewiring solutions designed to fit the unique requirements of your property. This personalised approach ensures optimal functionality and efficiency, tailored specifically to your lifestyle and needs. It’s this attention to detail that sets apart a standard service from a tailored solution.

Up-to-Date Techniques

By employing the latest technologies and methods, Handyman Singapore ensures your rewiring project is completed with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Staying ahead of industry advancements means your home benefits from the most current practices in electrical safety and functionality. This forward-thinking approach is a hallmark of their service.

Transparent Pricing

Transparency is key in Handyman Singapore’s pricing policy. Before work begins, you’ll receive a clear, detailed estimate, so there are no surprises later on. This upfront honesty builds trust and ensures you’re informed every step of the way.

Minimal Disruption

Understanding the importance of your comfort, Handyman Singapore strives to minimise disruption during the rewiring process. Efficient planning and execution mean your daily routine is impacted as little as possible. It’s about respecting your space and time while delivering high-quality work.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal for Handyman Singapore. With a strong commitment to quality and service, they stand behind their work, ensuring you’re happy with the outcome. It’s this dedication to excellence that makes Handyman Singapore a trusted name in electrical rewiring.

Quality Materials

Using only the highest quality materials, Handyman Singapore ensures that your rewiring stands the test of time. Durable, reliable components mean a safer and more efficient electrical system for your home. This commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their service.

Choosing Handyman Singapore means partnering with a team that values safety, quality, and customer satisfaction above all else.

Benefits of Electrical Rewiring

Improved Safety

By updating your home's wiring, you significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents and fires, ensuring adherence to modern safety standards. This crucial upgrade safeguards both your family and property, providing a secure living environment.

Enhanced Electrical Capacity

Modern lifestyles necessitate more electrical power for a growing number of devices and appliances. Rewiring your home allows it to support this increased demand without the risk of overloading the system, ensuring both efficiency and reliability.

Increased Home Value

Upgrading your home with a modern electrical system not only enhances safety but also increases its attractiveness to potential buyers. This improvement signals compliance with current codes and can significantly elevate the property's market appeal and value.

Energy Efficiency

A modern, efficiently wired home minimises power loss and supports the operation of energy-saving appliances. This not only helps reduce your electricity bills but also contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Fewer Electrical Problems

With new wiring in place, common issues like flickering lights, circuit breaker trips, and power surges become things of the past. This results in a more stable and dependable electrical system throughout your home.

Compliance with Insurance Requirements

Rewiring your home ensures it meets the electrical safety standards required by many insurance companies. This compliance can lead to lower insurance premiums and easier access to comprehensive coverage.


An updated electrical system lays the groundwork for future technological upgrades, from smart home capabilities to any new devices that may become essential. This preparation means your home will remain adaptable and forward-looking.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home's electrical system is safe, current, and reliable offers invaluable peace of mind. This confidence comes from understanding that you've taken a proactive step in protecting your home and those within it from potential electrical hazards.

Rewiring your home is not just a maintenance task; it’s an investment in the safety, functionality, and future of your property. Upgrading your electrical system can bring a multitude of benefits, enhancing everything from daily convenience to long-term value. 

Our Electrical Rewiring Process

Handyman Singapore’s electrical rewiring service is streamlined to ensure safety and efficiency, minimising household disruption. Our expert team follows a precise, step-by-step approach, prioritising your home’s electrical integrity and your satisfaction throughout the process.

Initial Consultation

Professionals begin with a detailed assessment of your home's current electrical system to understand the scope of work and your specific needs.


A comprehensive plan is drafted, including timelines and the identification of critical areas needing attention, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Safety Measures

Before starting, safety protocols are established, including turning off power to avoid any accidents during the rewiring process.

Rewiring Work

The team methodically replaces old wiring, starting from the most critical sections, ensuring each part of the system is upgraded to the highest standards.

System Testing

After installation, the entire electrical system is thoroughly tested for efficiency and safety, ensuring all new wiring functions correctly.

Cleanup and Restoration

Ensuring your home is left clean and any moved furniture or items are restored to their original places.

Final Inspection and Review

A final walkthrough is conducted with you to ensure satisfaction and to review the work completed, addressing any concerns or questions.


All necessary documentation, including certifications and warranties for the new electrical system, is provided, ensuring you have all the records needed for future reference.

Safety and Compliance

Handyman Singapore’s rewiring projects strictly follow local codes and safety standards, ensuring homeowner and property safety. Our meticulous process, from planning to execution, meets legal and safety requirements, offering peace of mind.

Adherence to Local Codes

Ensures all work meets the specific requirements set by local building regulations, protecting homeowners from legal issues.

Safety Standards Compliance

Follows national and international safety standards to minimise risks of electrical fires and accidents.

Certified Materials Use

Only high-quality, approved materials are used to guarantee safety and durability.

Professional Inspections

Regular inspections by certified professionals confirm that rewiring work is up to code and safe.

Ongoing Training

Technicians receive continuous training on the latest codes and safety protocols.

Documentation and Permits

Proper documentation and permits are obtained to ensure legal compliance and facilitate future property transactions.

Electrical Testing

Comprehensive testing of the rewired system to ensure optimal operation and safety.


Rewiring includes provisions for future updates, adhering to evolving standards and homeowner needs.

Our safety commitment goes beyond code compliance, focusing on long-term reliability and occupant protection. We use top-quality materials and thorough testing to ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and efficient, providing confidence in your electrical infrastructure’s integrity.

Customization and Options

Adding More Outlets

Tailor your home's electrical system to match your lifestyle by adding more outlets in convenient locations. This customization allows for greater flexibility and accessibility for all your devices and appliances.

Upgrading Fixtures

Enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your home by upgrading to modern, energy-efficient fixtures. This option not only improves lighting quality but can also contribute to lower energy bills.

Smart Home Integration

Incorporate smart home technology during your rewiring project for a seamless, future-proof living experience. This includes smart switches, thermostats, and other IoT devices that elevate your home's intelligence.

Dedicated Circuits for Appliances

Ensure your major appliances have the power they need without overloading your system by adding dedicated circuits. This is especially important for high-demand appliances like washers, dryers, and HVAC units.

Surge Protection

Protect your home and electronic devices from sudden power surges with integrated surge protection. This can be implemented throughout your home to safeguard against external and internal power spikes.

Outdoor Lighting and Power

Extend the functionality of your outdoor spaces with additional lighting and power options. Perfect for entertainment areas, gardens, or security lighting, enhancing both the utility and ambiance of your outdoor living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Guide to House Electrical Rewiring

It’s the process of replacing old, unsafe, or outdated electrical cables, fixtures, and systems in a property with new, up-to-code wiring.

Signs include frequent power outages, flickering lights, outdated fuse boxes, and the presence of aluminium wiring.

Benefits include improved safety, increased electrical capacity, and enhanced home value.

The time frame can vary but typically takes several days to a few weeks, depending on the house size and wiring complexity.

Yes, it can be disruptive and messy, involving wall cutting and dust, but professionals aim to minimise disruption.

Not necessarily, but some homeowners choose to do so due to the power interruptions and potential mess.

Costs vary widely based on house size, wiring complexity, and regional labour rates.

Yes, by ensuring the electrical system is safe and up to date, rewiring can increase property value.

Due to the complexity and safety concerns, rewiring typically requires a licensed electrician.

Clearing the work areas, securing valuables, and making arrangements for pets can help streamline the process.

Elevate your home’s safety and functionality; trust Handyman Singapore for comprehensive electrical rewiring services tailored to your needs!

Protect your home with updated electrical wiring. Handyman Singapore offers expert house electrical rewiring services tailored to your specific needs. With a commitment to safety and efficiency, we guide you through the entire process, ensuring your home meets current electrical standards. Start your rewiring project with confidence.

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