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Have you ever come across a house without even a single window? The answer will certainly be a NO! Windows not only make everything more beautiful and lively but they are an absolute necessity as they facilitate ventilation and natural sunlight into the space. However, just like any other equipment in the house, your windows require regular upkeep and maintenance in order to ensure their optimal functionality and performance. A quick visual check-up will prolong the life of your window as well as help you spot minor repair needs to ensure better safety and durability.

And if you are looking for a trusted company for Window Repair in Singapore, then ACME Design has got you covered. We are an HDB Licensed Window Contractor known for providing top-quality Window Repair Services in Singapore.

The Importance of Regular Examination of Your Windows

It is your responsibility to check and ensure that all your windows are in proper condition. Otherwise, the broken window can fall and may cause serious harm to those standing nearby your building. Thus, it is crucial to check your window every few months and take immediate action if any defect or problem is found to prevent any unwanted situation to occur. Apart from that, the handles and hinges of your window may become loose due to wear and tear. Hence, it is important to look after the conditions of your windows from time to time.

Besides, it is also important to note the statistics from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), there are 43 cases of the falling window this year despite charging hefty fines or imprisonment for up to 1 year for breaching window safety regulation and the awareness campaign exercised by BCA. So, make sure your windows always remain safe and secure.

Maintenance Tips For Window Safety

Replace Aluminium with Stainless Steel Rivets

Stainless steel rivets are stronger, harder, corrosion-resistant and last longer than those made up of lightweight aluminium.

The Significance of Repairing Window Hinges

Hinges are one of the most overlooked parts despite their significance in holding the window in place and maintaining its functionality. The worth of this small tool gets noticed when your window stops working in an expected manner. Window hinges, the connecting link between the window and the edge, make the whole system complete by providing strength and flexibility to the window. If your window is not working properly, it is time to call a Window Hinge Repair Service provider.

Keep Your Community Safe By Preventing Accidents

Falling windows can be a serious threat to public safety. It is important for homeowners or tenants to check their windows at least twice a year. In the case of casement windows, check that the fasteners are not loose or rusty. Clean and oil moving parts or joints and replace all rivets from aluminium to stainless steel by hiring an approved window contractor.

When it comes to sliding windows, check that angle strips and safety stoppers are in their proper place. Clean the tracks and ensure window panels can slide smoothly. For any Window Repair services, contact a licensed window contractor to replace worn-out angle strips or safety stoppers.

Repairing Window Locks and Frame

Window locks are a critical security feature for all kinds of spaces. They protect your premises against thieves and keep your valuables that are inside intact. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the value of a proper window locking system while updating your house. People often give more importance to the locks in the door but windows that close securely and correctly are equally important.

Likewise, window frames are the structural backbone of the window. They are required to hold the panes of the window in place. They determine the longevity and integrity of windows and doors. They come in different materials with various features, strengths and weaknesses. You can consult our team to choose the best one as per your requirement.
With ACME Design, you can rest assured your replacement windows are as sturdy and secure as possible. Let’s discover our different services and enjoy peace of mind.

Trust Approved Window Contractor

The installation or maintenance of windows must be carried out by a Licensed Window Contractor. An approved window contractor is a firm or a company registered with the BCA Contractors and carry out services in compliance with the objectives and performance requirements.

Emergency Services

Tragedy does not come with a prior warning, it can happen anytime. Your windows can become damaged anytime and therefore, we work round the clock to make sure that you don’t have to wait for long to receive quick service during an emergency. All you have to do is simply call us and we will be at your service.

Broken Window Repair

Broken windows can be dangerous for your property. It is better to get them fixed as soon as possible to prevent any accident. You can trust us to get the issue resolved at the earliest.

Window Frame Repair

Has the frame of your window become damaged or rusted? Do you want to get rid of poorly functioning windows? Get in touch with us to get your window frames repaired.

Window Locks Repair

If the locks of your windows get damaged, it can create a situation of an emergency. It is best to contact a BCA Approved Window Contractor – ACM Design immediately instead of wallowing in worry or fear.

Partner with ACME Design to get the Top-Class Services

No matter what might be the reason behind damaged windows, be it due to locks, hinges, or handles. ACME Design is your one-stop destination to address any issue related to Window Repair in Singapore. We understand how stressful it can get if the windows do not work properly.

As an HDB Licensed Window Contractor, we provide reliable HDB Window Repair Services at a reasonable and affordable price. Simply get in touch with us online and we will schedule an appointment with you at your own convenience.


According to statistics from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), there are 43 cases of falling window cases this year despite the fines (maximum $10,000) or jail term (up to one year) for breaching window safety regulation and the awareness campaign exercised by BCA. The number of fallen window this year of 43 cases may be more as some of the fallen window cases are not reported. Twenty residents were fine for failing to comply with retrofitting order.

Minimum Safety Requirements for Installation / Replacement of New Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Sliding WindowsImage 03


Safety devices

To install the following :

  • Polyethelene sliding window self-locking safety device (2 nos. per panel)
  • Synthetic resin stoppers at top of window outer frame [minimum 2 nos.
    per panel width and repeat the same along the track.
    The stopper shall be fastened with stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent rivet/screw of minimum 4 mm dia.
    [Refer to drawing for spacing of stoppers]
  • Aluminium bottom outer frame with fixed angle facing outside

     Dimension “b” shall be minimum 1.5 times dimension “a”.

Sliding panel
  • Maximum width not exceeding 1,200mm
      Aluminium Adjustable/Fixed Louvre Vent
Glass lourves
  • Minimum glass thickness not less than 6mm
  • Wire-glass type
Glass louvres safety device
  • Aluminium U-channel cleat at every glass louvre
Aluminium Casement Windows


Friction stay
  • Stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent
  • Minimum thickness not less than 2.5mm
  • Length not less than 1/2 width of window leaf
Window leaf
  • Maximum width not exceeding 700mm
Aluminium section for screw connection
  • Minimum thickness 2.75 mm
Connection of friction stay to window frame
  • Stainless steel grade 304 self-tapping screw of minimum size no. 8 (4mm). If aluminium section is not less than 3mm thick, epoxy coated screw can be used
  • Minimum 4 screws on each side of friction stay
Corner brackets (if used) for corners of window leaf
  • Zinc cast corner brackets

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