Singapore's premier handyman service provider

Handyman Singapore is a well-known and widely acclaimed firm because of our ability to provide services that are efficient, effective and reliable. Our services range from basic repairing of items to more complicated installation of larger appliances. Whatever your need or want may be, you can be sure you will find nothing but satisfaction and happiness with our services.

Quality matters

The staff and personnel here at Handyman Singapore make sure that we are ready and able to provide you with any need you may have for a handyman, which is why we carefully pick our staff members and train them rigorously so that they are better able to help you fix your problems.

Advanced equipment

Being prepared for any job, big or small, is what our handymen strive to achieve. This is the reason why our research and development teams work around the clock to provide new technologically advanced equipment and come up with efficient techniques, allowing them to be equipped to solve any problems you may have.

Responsive service teams

On top of our staff being able to produce fantastic quality work, they are also able to travel to your location within the hour due to our numerous branches throughout Singapore, and get started on providing you with solutions instantly. Getting the job done well and done fast is what we train our handymen to aspire towards, so that you know your problems will be resolved that much faster when you hire Handyman Singapore.

Collaboration works

Beyond taking instruction from you, our staff members are also extremely friendly and willing to discuss with you alternative solutions that they feel may be more efficient or effective. This ensures that our work is done to the best of our ability, while still retaining the client personalized service method.

Our handymen are just waiting to hear from you, give us a call and your problems will soon be resolved the right way; only with Handyman Singapore.